I have served as a graduate student instructor, a lead instructor and an adjunct lecturer for a range of three-four credit/unit courses at my graduate institution (UC-Berkeley), for the City University of New York, Brooklyn College (CUNY-BC) and Rutgers University, New Brunswick. The average number of students for each class that I have taught has been thirty-two, and I have taught one to two courses per academic year on my home campus, or while away conducting my ethnographic research in the New York metropolitan area. 


At CUNY-BC, I taught Introduction to Puerto Rican and Latino Studies and Latinos & Community in the Department of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies (PRLS). I also taught the course, Latinos and Migration for the Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University. Now that I have returned from fieldwork, I am back on Berkeley campus, and have just finished teaching my own course, ES103: Latinx Studies.

Workshops Attended for Certificate

In Teaching & Learning in Higher Education:


  • How Students Learn

  • Syllabus and Course Design

  • Developing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy/Teaching

  • Portfolio

  • Peer Exchange of Statements of Teaching Philosophy

  • Assessing Teaching and Learning

  • Strategies for Efficient and Effective Grading

  • Creating and Using Grading Rubrics

  • Using Group Work Effectively

  • Teaching Critical Reading

Classroom Activity