I have served as a graduate student instructor, a lead instructor and an adjunct lecturer for a range of three-four credit/unit courses at my graduate institution (UC-Berkeley), for the City University of New York, Brooklyn College (CUNY-BC), Rutgers University, New Brunswick, and soon, at Dartmouth College. The average number of students for each class that I have taught has been thirty-two, and I have taught one to two courses per academic year on my home campus, or while away conducting my ethnographic research in the New York metropolitan area. Feel free to contact me for more information on my teaching.

Melanie's discussion section in Barcelona, Spain  (2018).

Workshops Attended for Certificate

In Teaching & Learning in Higher Education:


  • How Students Learn

  • Syllabus and Course Design

  • Developing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy/Teaching

  • Portfolio

  • Peer Exchange of Statements of Teaching Philosophy

  • Assessing Teaching and Learning

  • Strategies for Efficient and Effective Grading

  • Creating and Using Grading Rubrics

  • Using Group Work Effectively

  • Teaching Critical Reading

Classroom Activity