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Curriculum Vitae


2022              Ph.D., Ethnic Studies, University of California-Berkeley

                      Dissertation: “Con Sueños Que Ya Son Viejos: How Older Latinx Immigrants Age in an        

                      Urban Community”

                      Committee: Lok Siu, Cristina Mora, Ulla Berg, Christian Paiz

2014              M.A., Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

2012              B.A., Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies, Rutgers University

                      Recognition: Summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa

                      Minors: American Studies and Women’s & Gender Studies 

Additional Education

2022               Certificate in Global Health, The John Sloan Dickey Center for International 

                       Understanding, Dartmouth College and Geisel School of Medicine Center for     

                       Health Equity 

2016               Oral History Summer Institute, Center for Oral History, Columbia University 

2016               Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, UC Berkeley

2012               Certificate in Women’s Leadership, Institute for Women’s Leadership, 

                       Rutgers University

Selected Honors & Awards


2022-2024     César Chávez Postdoctoral Fellowship, Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies            

                      Program, Dartmouth College

2021-2022     César Chávez Dissertation Fellowship, Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies            

                      Program, Dartmouth College

2021-2022     New York University (NYU), Faculty First Look Program in the Arts and Sciences.

2021-2022     Global Health Fellow, The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding, 

                      Dartmouth College and Geisel School of Medicine Center for Health Equity 

2021-2022     Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship in Latino Studies, School for Advanced Research,

                      Santa Fe, NM (declined)

2021              Future Faculty Career Exploration Fellowship, Rochester Institute of Technology

2021              Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research (MCUAAAR) Summer 

                      Mentoring Workshop for Advanced Doctoral Students in Latinx Studies

2020-2021     Dissertation Fellowship, Ford Foundation 

2020-2021     Graduate Fellowship, Institute for the Study of Societal Issues, UC Berkeley

2018-2021     Fellowship, Center for Race and Gender, UC Berkeley



2023               Dartmouth Center for Advancement of Learning (DCAL) Experiential Learning Initiative

                       (ELI) Course Grant.

2021               Behavioral and Social Sciences Section- Student Registration Award, Gerontological

                       Society of America (GSA)

2021               Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, Ethnic Studies Department, UC Berkeley

2019               Travel Research Award, Graduate Assembly, UC Berkeley

2019               Research Grant, Center for Race and Gender, UC Berkeley

2018               Future Faculty Development Program Awardee, Sociology Department, Virginia            

                       Polytechnic Institute and State University

2017               Second Place, Emerging Scholars Poster Competition, International Conference on Aging                          in the Americas



2022                Melanie Z. Plasencia, “Age-friendly as Tranquilo Ambiente: How Socio-Cultural Perspectives                         Shape the Lived Environment of Latinx Older Adults,”    

                        The Gerontologist,

2021                Melanie Z. Plasencia, “‘I don’t have much money, but I have a lot of friends’: How Poor        

                        Older Latinxs Find Tangible Support in Peer Friendship Networks,” Social        



2024    Emily Greenfield, Jarmin Yeh and Melanie Z. Plasencia, "Dismantling and Rebuilding Praxis

                          for Age-Friendly Cities and Communities: Toward an Emancipatory Approach,”  in        

                          Reimagining Age-Friendly Cities, edited by Tina Buffel, Patty Doran and Sophie Yarker

                         (Manchester, UK: Bristol University Press).

Forthcoming   Melanie Z. Plasencia, “‘La Iglesia Es Mi Comunidad’: A Union City Latinx Destination From

                         Arrival to Old Age,” in Latino New Jersey, edited by Ulla Dalum Berg and Aldo Lauria          

                         Santiago (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press).

Forthcoming   Melanie Z. Plasencia and Mateo P. Farina, “Older Latinxs, Social Inequality and 

                         Diverse Aging Approaches,” in Older Latinas and Latinos, The Third Age, edited by Steven

                         R. Applewhite (Taylor and Francis/Routledge).



2019                Melanie Plasencia, “Antonio Ibarria (1935-) and El Especialito (Union City, NJ) 

                        (1985),” in Latinos in the American Political System: An Encyclopedia of Latinos as          

                        Voters, Candidates, and Office Holders, edited by Jessica Lavariega Monforti (Santa

                         Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO), 172-173.

2019                Melanie Plasencia, “Robert ‘Bob’ Menendez (1954-),” in Latinos in the American 

                         Political System: An Encyclopedia of Latinos as Voters, Candidates, and Office        

                         Holders, edited by Jessica Lavariega Monforti (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO), 319-320.


2017                Melanie Plasencia, Review of Theresa Delgadillo, Latina Lives in Milwaukee, in Latino

                        Studies 15, no. 3 (September): 386-388.



2022                Melanie Z. Plasencia, “How to Write A Winning Grant Application,” Inside Higher Ed, March


2022                Melanie Z. Plasencia, “Accounting for the Diverse Experiences of Older Immigrants in

                        Today’s America,” Generations Today, American Society on Aging (March-April).

2021                Julia Sizek, with Isabel G. Valdivia and Melanie Z. Plasencia, “Addressing Latinx Social

                        inequality in Later Life.” Written interview. Social Science Matrix, December 20. 



                         Melanie Z. Plasencia, “Reimagining Care for Latinx Senior Survival” (article draft available    

                         upon request)

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